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January 08, 2011 -

As of January 07, 2011, the BDM History site has joined forces with the Hitler Youth Forum - - which is a site for Hitler Youth collectors and historians. Our own Yahoo Group, Daily Life in the Third Reich, will close its doors for good at the end of February 2011. We'd like to encourage our readers and our current group members to join us over on the Hitler Youth Forum.

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Before you start to browse this extensive website, we would like you to be aware of our disclaimer so that you don't get the wrong idea of what this page is all about.

The purpose of this website is to serve as an accurate, non-political, and above all, objective historical resource about the League of German Girls in the Hitler Youth. Its intended audience are students, scholars, educators, collectors, historians, and living historians.

This page and its authors and supporters do in no way support, condone, or seek to glorify the politics of Nazi Germany, nor the ideals and beliefs of modern neo-Nazi groups who like to use the symbolism and imagery found in Third Reich publications. Nor do we in any way condone revisionism and holocaust denial.

We realize that symbols of the Third Reich, such as the swastika, are offensive to some people. This page's purpose is not to offend but to objectively educate people about this time period and about the young girls and women who were members of the League of German Girls. We do not believe in censoring images because they show a swastika or other symbols associated with Nazi Germany because we don't think you can selectively delete things from history while claiming to teach about the rest objectively. We will not remove items, nor edit or censor them for the sake of "political correctness".

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First and foremost, we believe that research materials should be freely available to scholars, educators, and anyone else who may be interested in this subject. This is why I and my colleague, Stephan, have put in long hours going through the tedious process of scanning period documents and manuals, or translating narratives from eyewitnesses of the Third Reich that were previously only available in German. This is also why many of my contributors have taken their time to do the same.

Some of the written materials on this website consist of translations of text from foreign-language books about the League of German Girls, the majority of which were originally written in German. Some are translations of personal narratives from witnesses of the times. Others are first-hand interviews we've done, or items from our personal collections. We have made an effort to always include an original author or copyright holder with the materials where they apply. Should you be the current copyright holder (meaning, the current owner) of any images or text that appear on this website, and you would like them to be removed, please contact us via email.

Where not otherwise noted, the contents of this website are copyright 2003-2008 Chris Crawford and Stephan Hansen, and if you use any of them, we would appreciate a copyright notice as well as a return link to our website placed with the items in a clearly visible way - not hidden away on an information page elsewhere. All translations from German were done by Chris Crawford.

At this point we would like to thank the following people who have supported this website by means of materials: Stephan Hansen, Brian Crawford, Dr. Michael Kuhn, Antik-Sammler, Photosammler, William Linsenmeyer, Sven Masch, Tony Kukkonen, Mike Reddy, Drew Maynard, Paco Crespo, Terry, George Ryley, Andreas Stanik, and Helmut Weitze Military Antiques.. Should your name be here, but was accidentally left out, please contact us so that we may give you proper credit.

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If you like this website and find it useful in your research, please consider making a small donation so that we are able to keep all these materials online for you for free.

Any money donated will go directly to support the site - particularly, it will go to the hosting fees and domain registration. This will keep the site and all materials on it freely accessible for students, educators, collectors, and living historians worldwide.

Any amount is welcome and helps!

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